This is my "Come hither" look. And you wonder why I'm single.

Mondo lives in “The Dash”, which is a clever way of saying Winston-Salem without admitting to the connection to the tobacco industry. They named their baseball team “The Dash”, because it sounded better than the Winston Lights.

He used to live in New York. Most of the time in Brooklyn, then migrating north to Kingston, where the men are strong and the women are stronger. But odor isn’t everything.

He’s a Cancer. Not just on society, but it’s also his astrological sign. His favorite color is black (listen, if you can find it in a fucking Crayola box, it’s a color, so don’t start with me), which he usually writes as #000. He has children living in Florida, a nice chunk of family in North Carolina and more family stuck in New York.

Mondo is also a well established twitter whore, and an unpublished author. He once drew a rough sketch that wound up inspiring a book cover for a book on Quantum Mechanics, and got a credit on the back cover, so that’s something.

When he’s not avoiding working on his 6 or 7 abandoned blogs, not finishing one story because he’s starting the next one, or handling tech support for UPS, he watches TV and sleeps.

He has known Joe for most of the parts of his life that he remembers.


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