NtS 7: “Black Rain”

Link to the streaming video
Black Rain
Recorded November 14, 2010

Mondo recorded Live from his new (empty) apartment. Joe from wherever it is Joe records from!

Jen’s Birthday Episode!!
Mondo moved, Jen ate McRib, Independence day is much better than Skyline, Han Solo should have died, Harry Potter is an ungrateful jerkoff. All this and more in this weeks exciting episode.


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Black Rain – Telephantasm (Deluxe Version)


iPhone App

I have designed and created an iPhone app for the show. It includes streaming audio of each episode of Not the Show, a page for Mondo’s Fucking Internets blog and my The OhJoey Blog, and a place to send us messages or comments.

It’s a simple app but should be fun and usable.

Hopefully it will be accepted into the store and available soon. It will cost a buck. You can afford it.

I’ll post a link as soon as it’s available. We’ll probably do an android app soon too.



NtS 6: “Leave Me Alone So I Can Rock Again”

Link to the streaming video.
Leave Me Alone So I Can Rock Again

Recorded November 7, 2010

Tiny cock, roasted balls, exploding ears and much, much more on tonights show!
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Were finally listed in the iTunes store: ONLY TO BE USED FOR PODCASTS

Tonights song was Leave Me Alone So I Can Rock Again by Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Or on iTunes
Leave Me Alone So I Can Rock Again – Dirty Shirt Rock ‘N’ Roll: The First Ten Years